Dear colleagues! Life of a conifer enthusiast consists of two parts: summer and winter. In summer we work in our gardens and only in winter we have the opportunity to do something else. Let's try to use this time effectively. We invite Engish-speaking conifer community to register and take part in filling the site content. We are looking forward to your interest and enthusiasm. There are already 160 of us. 160!!! This is quite a lot. Now it is only necessary that the quantity grow into quality. It should be reminded that any member can become an Active member if he feels the strength and desire to be active. To do this, your account has a button "Become an active member".

Conifers have a great importance in nature and economics. Suffice it to say that forests with their prevalence are almost half of the forests on our planet.  In Russia this ratio is even more - two-thirds of the forests. In addition to the biosphere and resource functions, conifers have the esthetic function which is equally important. Throughout the Northern hemisphere, except for tropical latitudes, conifers are the most important component of the cultural landscape. In the West and in the Far East they are represented not only by dozens of wild species, but hundreds (perhaps even thousands!) varieties, cultivars, garden forms. Their great diversity is provided by technologies of reproduction, cultivation, and use. How does Russia look like on this background? Alas, not very impressive. On the one hand, it is clear that we are behind the developed countries in many other ways. On the other hand, it is inadmissible. Since Russia is a northern area with hard climatic conditions, where the need for the widest use of conifers to decorate our lives is predetermined by nature itself.

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