Thematic rubrics

Dear English-speaking colleagues! It is well known that the most of the reliable scientific information on any subject is published in English. Reliable information about conifers is mostly English as well. The most important task of our Society and this website is to accumulate and bring it to Russian users in Russian. We will not translate into English large articles in the Thematic and Taxonomic rubrics. Firstly, this is not necessary: ​​all information is easily accessible in English. Secondly, we simply do not have such an opportunity. If we have it in the future, we will translate these articles. In the meantime, we will focus on the information that is currently available only in Russian becomes available for English-speaking users. This is data about Russian cultivars in Database and about Russian “conifer people” on their Personal pages

Мужской апомиксис и суррогатное материнство у Cupressus dupreziana
Новая большая статья про дендроарт: история, терминология
Адаптивная эпигенетическая память открывает новые возможности в интродукции хвойных
Новый рекорд продолжительности жизни у хвойных
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