The structure of the Database

Our Database is arranged so that all taxonomic diversity is presented in the form of the phylogenetic tree. It is entirely the same with the tree in "Taxonomic rubrics". You can see it in the left side of the Database home page. On the tree there are intermediate and terminal branches.  Intermediate branch leads to the terminal. Each terminal branch is a page with brief descriptions of cultivars. In most cases, it is the species page. Almost all important species for Russia have their own species pages. In addition many genera have the page “Other species” where there is information about cultivars of rare and not so important for us species, as well as the page "Hybrids", where the information about hybrid cultivars is accumulated. In some cases, the terminal branches are genera, families and even classes. This applies to taxa that are less significant for us. On each page all cultivars belonging to the given taxon or a group of taxa accumulated in a common simple table with brief cultivar descriptions. You should start the description of the cultivator with this table after reading the instruction. Instruction (a plan of the complete cultivar description) is both in the table and in a separate file. The last you can download and print. To create a brief cultivar description, you have to pass in the taxonomic tree to one of the terminal branches and click the appropriate button there. You will see a form. Fill in it carefully and then safe it. All the descriptions are author’s products. Therefore the first who described a cultivar remains in the annals of the history automatically. To edit, click the cultivar name in the table of brief descriptions. You will see the same form in which it will be possible to make changes.

The last column in the table shows the presence or absence of a complete description of the cultivar. If it already exists, it can be viewed and edited. If it does not, you can add it by clicking on the last column. On both occasions you will see the page with the full description of this cultivar, where there are all instructions. We strongly recommend you to see the examples of the complete cultivar descriptions available in the database, such as cultivars of Siberian stone pine (Pinus sibirica)

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