The Structure of the Society

Constituent assembly

Registration on our site makes a person the member of our Society automatically. We believe that it is right, because when he registered; he shows an interest in conifers. So, he is our SOUL MATE! Now the registration is free. Just because there is nothing to pay for yet: we have very little interesting and useful information on the website. Over time, as the saturation of the site with information and, hopefully, with the growth of our credibility, the registration (re-registration) will be paid. This will be the membership fees, common for any public organization. Society members have full access to all materials, they can ask questions and have an opportunity to take part in Voting. Information about all members of the Society, including contact information, you can find in a page «List of Society members". Accordingly, they can freely communicate with each other in a pair format.

Our life is arranged in such a way that any community has relatively active and relatively passive part, mainly users and mainly generators. If you are able to produce useful information, original material, intellectual product; if you are ready to share all this with the other participants of the process, a direct way to ACTIVE MEMBERS is waiting for you! A beautiful name, a great honor…and excellent opportunities to show yourself worth. Keep in mind that the most important duty of an active member is the regular active participation in solving the tasks facing the society and filling the site with useful information. Active members may and can add the information in Thematic and Taxonomic rubrics, in the Cultivar Database as well, delete the added information, answer questions, and participate in the Forum. The most important task is the broadening of the Society. The right of the active member is to consider the candidates application forms applying for active membership and recommend them for admission. The right of the active member is to have a personal page on the website and post any information concerning the Society tasks. This can be both neutral and advertising (commercial) information about your products and services, including price-lists, links to other sites, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. Also, active members have three votes.

Is it difficult to become an active member? Not at all. To apply for the status of an active member, please fill out the application form. This is necessary for the consideration of your candidacy. If you are recommended by two active members, you will automatically become an active member with all the ensuing consequences. When you enter on the website next time you will have new opportunities and access to new pages.

Can we do without it? Yes, we can! In the World conifer community there are many so authoritative people who need no introduction, especially recommendations. They are lifelong honorary members of our Society, surrounded by total respect and forever exempted from any taxation. They are the elite and at the same time «The Council of elders» of our society. By analogy with The French Academy we call them «THE IMMORTALS». There were only eight of them at the beginning. They are the Founding Fathers of the Society, members of the historic Constituent Assembly.

The election of a new honorary member is possible only after when he will be suggested by one honorary member and approved by other honorary members. Honorary members have the right to generate news on the site, have six votes.

The Constituent Assembly elected the President of the Society, the Vice-President and the Executive Secretary. At the first stage they will act as a collegial operating control of the Society and resolve current problems in agreement with other "the immortals". In the future, as the Society accumulates a "critical mass" of members, there will be democratic elections of administration.

The main purpose of the Society is the accumulation of information on conifer cultivars. The originators of many cultivars are not active members of the Society. And they will never be for various reasons. Many of them are simply no more alive. For such originators, there is an Institute of Corresponding Members. Each of them has a personal page on the site. Any Active member can create such page. To do this, he must register on the site on behalf of the alleged Corresponding member. In this case, he can give any email address including his own. Then he must inform the President of the Society about this, who will assign the status of the Corresponding member to the registered person.

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