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Registration on our site makes a person the member of our Society automatically. We believe that it is right, because when he registered; he shows an interest in conifers. So, he is our SOUL MATE! 

Our life is arranged in such a way that any community has relatively active and relatively passive part, mainly users and mainly generators. If you are able to produce useful information, original material, intellectual product; if you are ready to share all this with the other participants of the process, a direct way to ACTIVE MEMBERS is waiting for you!

A beautiful name, a great honor… and excellent opportunities to show yourself. Keep in mind that the most important duty of an active member is the regular active participation in solving the tasks facing the society and filling the site with useful information. Active members may and can add the information in Thematic and Taxonomic rubrics, in the Cultivar Database as well, delete the added information, answer questions, and participate in the Forum. The most important task is the broadening of the Society. The right of the active member is to consider the candidates application forms applying for active membership and recommend them for admission. The right of the active member is to have a personal page on the website and post any information concerning the Society tasks. This can be both neutral and advertising (commercial) information about your products and services, including price-lists, links to other sites, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. Also, active members have three votes. Is it difficult to become an active member? Not at all. To apply for the status of an active member, please fill out the application form. 

The first four points are automatically transferred here from your registration form. The last two points are the most important. Based on this content, Active members will make a decision on your candidacy. Try to impress them with the significance of your achievements and motives for joining our Society. Maybe you found an interesting plant material, for example, several “witches’ brooms” and grafted them. Perhaps you created a collection (of some species and cultivars) or a landscape garden (on some principles) with a large number of conifers. Maybe you make observations on these or other objects, ready to summarize them and share with your colleagues. Maybe you have a professional nursery of conifers and consequently have experience and are interested in acquiring new knowledge. And so on and so forth. You can provide links to online resources, bibliography of publications or something else. Think, savvy, fantasize. Good luck!

If you are recommended by two Active members, you will automatically become an Active member with all the ensuing consequences. When you enter on the website next time you will have new opportunities and access to new pages.


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