The section "Questions and Answers" aims to provide informative interaction between beginners and masters, simple and Active members of the Society. The former ask, the latter answer. Each question and answer is a product of the creative activity of two people: the one who asks and the one who answers. And maybe more than two. After all, an unlimited number of Society members can comment on questions and answers. So can we just take and write them off to the Archive? No, we cannot! We must find the place for them in the "annals." Annals, in this case, are our Taxonomic and Thematic rubrics. "To analyze" the questions and answers in their original form does not seem appropriate. They need to be edited and prepared for the Eternity. Therefore, such a mechanism operates on our website. Questions and answers will be discussed as long as the community’s enthusiasm dries up. You can ask questions, answer them and participate in the discussion in Russian, English or both languages ​​at users’ wishes.

О циклофизисе у хвойных   -   Автор Джазов И.И. 18.06.2015
Мужской апомиксис и суррогатное материнство у Cupressus dupreziana
Новая большая статья про дендроарт: история, терминология
Адаптивная эпигенетическая память открывает новые возможности в интродукции хвойных
Новый рекорд продолжительности жизни у хвойных
ООО "САДиК" - генеральный спонсор Российского общества селекции и интродукции хвойных
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